Cleo Higgins (born Cleopatra Lynvest on April 30th 1982 in Birmingham, U.K.) is best known as the lead singer of the eponymously-named RnB/pop sensation, Cleopatra.

Formed as children in the 1990’s with her sisters Zainam and Yonah, after winning a talent contest Cleopatra secured management and worked the boards which led to a record deal.

The debut album ‘Comin’ Atcha!’ was released on Warners yielding three top 5 hit singles in the U.K. – ‘Cleopatra’s Theme’, ‘Life ain’t Easy’ and the Jackson 5 cover ‘I Want you Back’.

The Xmas T.V. special was also well-received paving the way for the popular children’s sitcom series ‘Comin’ Atcha!’ and its sequel ‘In The House with Cleopatra & Friends’.

Madonna’s Maverick label signed Cleopatra for the U.S.A. and the girls worked with several luminary producers on their more grown-up second album ‘Steppin’ Out’.

They were promoted on Jay Leno’s Tonight show and the Queen Latifah show, toured America with Jessica Simpson, Next, Brian McKnight, and performed on the Disney cruise ship which was broadcast worldwide on television.

But with little crossover on the more risqué singles ‘You Got It‘ and ‘Come and Get Me’ and the second album unreleased in the U.K., the girls disbanded to pursue their solo ventures.

These days, with children of their own, the 3 sisters occasionally reunite for special one-off projects and performances.

In 2000, Cleo recorded a duet of the song ‘Someone Like You’ with Russell Watson for his debut album called ‘The Voice‘ which made history by topping both the U.K. and the U.S. classical charts and went multi-platinum.  Cleo duetted again with Russell on the song ‘The Best That Love Can Be’ for his third album called ‘Reprise’.

The noughties saw Cleo touring with Joe Budden, Russell Watson, Blue and Girls Aloud and sharing the stage with Jimmy Ruffin, Lenny Kravitz, to name just a few.

In 2001, 15,000 people packed the Manchester Arena to watch Cleo help front ‘the young voices’ break the U.K. record for the largest singing choir with 7,000 members.

In 2007, Cleo released her pilot solo single ‘Feelin Like This’ which was picked up by Samsung, who used it as a built-in song and ringtone.

With her love of soul, RnB, hip hop, reggae, pop, classical and jazz, Cleo moves fluidly between different genres and always gives the audience something special to remember. Cleo is not just a singer, songwriter, actress, brand ambassador but also a great performer.  

In 2013, Cleo reached the final stages of The Voice U.K. choosing as her mentor. referred to her variously as a “seasoned freakin’ artist” and a “superstar”. 

The show goes on for Cleo … so keep your eyes peeled for news of her next performance